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< Miscellany
Manuscript register - a full Bibliography of Iris Murdoch's papers and manuscripts now held by the University of Iowa.

BBC Biography - linked under "further information" to a reading list, an outline of Under the Net, and some intelligently selected quotes.

Philosophical Bibliography - Iris Murdoch

Tom Phillips Portraits - Dame Iris Murdoch

Course Outline - by Anne Rowe, with useful discussion headings, reading lists.

1971 Movie Iris Murdoch's A Severed Head with cast list etc.

Iris Murdoch Mailing-list. - egroups

The Suber Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

When the Gods Sing: a tribute to the life and work of Iris Murdoch by the artist Mary Glynn Boies and originally exhibited in Walton Street, Oxford, September 2001.

A Visit from Iris Murdoch (Chapter 1 of 'GODDESSES, GODDESSES: A Poet's Journey) by Janine Canan

< Organisations
The Iris Murdoch Society of Japan

The Buddhist Society (UK)

The American Philosophers Association

Joint Association of Classical Teachers (UK)

< Articles
Wendy Jones Nakanishi Money, Marriage, and Literary Allusions in Iris Murdoch's Nuns and Lovers
(2006 for: The Iris Murdoch Society of Japan)

Wendy Jones Nakanishi Shakespeare and Buddhism in Bruno's Dream
(2005 for: The Iris Murdoch Society of Japan)

Wendy Jones Nakanishi Characters and Characterization in Iris Murdoch's The Good Apprentice
(2004 for: The Iris Murdoch Society of Japan)

Wendy Jones Nakanishi The French - and Irish - Connections: A Comparison of Themes in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net and The Red and the Green
(2002 for: The Iris Murdoch Society of Japan)

Joseph Malikail - Iris Murdoch on the Good, God, and Religion
(2000 from: Minerva)

David Robjant - Iris Murdoch's everyday metaphysical entities
(2000 from: Minerva)

Mary Midgley - The Moral Philosophy of Iris Murdoch: Sorting out the Zeitgeist
(1998 from: The Philosopher)

Alan Jacobs - Go(o)d in Iris Murdoch
(1995 from: First Things)

Robert Wilson - Reflections in Iris Murdoch's "Under the Net"

< Reviews
Over the years, most of Iris Murdoch's output both literary and philosophical has been reviewed in the pages of the New York Times, sometimes acquiring several reviews per book, and often by distinguished writers including Harold Bloom and Alasdair MacIntyre. Helpfully they have brought this mass of column inches together in the compendious:
New York Times Special - Iris Murdoch

Of the large number of Reveiws available online elsewhere, some include:

An Accidental Man The Black Prince The Book and the Brotherhood Bruno's Dream Existentialists and Mystics A Fairly Honourable Defeat The Good Apprentice Jackson's Dilemma The Nice and the Good The Sacred and Profane Love Machine The Sandcastle The Sea, the Sea The Time of the Angels

< Inspirations

Project Guttenberg - Includes Plato, of course.

The Internet Classics Archive - Useful for all kinds of Classicists.

The Dialogues of Plato - Quick and easy access to downloads of all of Plato's work in the Jowett translation.

Exploring Plato's Dialogues - Good navigable online texts (and disscussion) for Plato and the Presocratics, with (unlike other sites) Stephanus pagination noted in the online texts (necessary for quotation). Also, the text at this site is interlinked to the excellent Perseus Project, to permit comparison of online english and greek texts, access to dictionaries etc.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/Plato


A Sartre home page

Simone Weil

A Simone Weil home page

Introduction to Simone Weil

Weil's elucidation of Plato's allegory of the Cave


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